Acadia Community Truss
Carberry MB ROK OHO
Contact: Lowell Hofer
Tel: 866-834-3208
Fax: 204-834-3861
Cell: 204-841-0780
Contact: Lowell Hofer
Email: Lowell@communitytruss.ca
Email: Conrad@communitytruss.ca

All Fab Building Components
1755 Dugald Rd.,
Winnipeg MB R2V OH3
Tel: 204-661-8880
Fax: 204-661-6973
Contact: Garry Roehr
Email: groehr@all-fab.com

Clearspan Truss
Box 273,
Winkler MB R6W 4A5
Phone: 204-325-7634
Fax: 204-325-8188
Contact: Andy Guenter
Email: andy.guenter@clearspan.ca

E.G. Penner Building Centre
200 Park Road West,
Steinbach MB R5G 1A1
Phone: 204-346-1989
Fax: 204-326-6177,
Contact: Jake Klassen, P. Eng.
Truss Plant Manager
Email: jklassen@egpenner.com

Gang Nail Trusses and Bldg. Components
P.O. Box 480,
Pilot Butte SK SOG 3ZO
Phone: 306-781-4535
Fax: 306-781-4842
Contact: Dennis Zelinski
Email: dennis@gangnailtruss.ca,

H. Reimer Truss
Box 18,
Tolstoi MB. R0A 2E0
Phone: 204-427-2475
Contact: Henry Reimer
Email: hreimertruss@hotmail.com,

Manu-Fab Building Components (2014) Ltd.
Box 1062,
Phone: 204-267-2112
Fax: 204-267-2635
Contact: Mark Dingman
Email: mdingman@manufab.ca

Nu-Fab Building Components
701-45th St. West,
Saskatoon SK S7L 5W5
Phone: 306-244-7119
Fax: 306-244-0553
Contact: Noel Nukuri
Email: Noel.Nukuri@nufab.com

Nu-Fab Regina
610 Henderson Drive,
Regina SK S4N 5X3
Phone: 306-721-8131
Fax: 306-721-2562
Contact: Scott Bradshaw
Email: scott.bradshaw@nufab.com

Penn-Truss Mfg. Co.
Box 418,
Saltcoats SK SOA 3RO
Phone: 306-744-2403
Fax: 306-744-8141
Contact: Colin Penner/Charles
Email: pentruss@imagewireless.ca

Prairie Truss (Manitoba)
Box 396,
Stonewall Mb ROC 2ZO
Phone: 204-467-9597
Fax: 204- 467-2090
Contact: Derek Small Larry Maendel

Prairie Truss & Fabricating Ltd.
Box 178,
Annaheim Sk S0K 0G0
Phone: 306-598-4211
Fax: 306-598-2060
Contact: Murray Stammen
Email: Murray_ptruss@bogend.ca

South Central Building Systems
170, 2nd St. N.E., Box 328,
Carman, MB R0G 0J0
Fax: 888-519-1424
Contact: Lindsay Boeve Sales and Marketing
Email: info@scbuildingsystems.com

Span-Rite Truss
PO. Box 174,
13250 #5 HWY North,
Cartwright Mb ROK OLO
Phone: 204-529-2690
Fax: 204-529-2121
Contact: JerrysWarkentin
Email: jerry@spanrite.ca

Star Truss Systems
1700 Molson St.,
Winnipeg MB R2G 4H3
Phone: 204-669-4600
Fax: 204-654-9330
Contact: Werner Latzkitsch
Email: Wlatzkitsch@starbuilding.ca

TIM-BR-FAB Dauphin
Box 870, Highway #10,
South Dauphin MB R7N 2V4
Phone: 204-638-9601
Toll-Free: 888-638-9601
Fax: 204-622-7056
Contact: George Carriere
Email: gcarriere@timbrfab.com

TIM-BR-FAB Oak Bluff
65 Industrial Road,
Oak Bluff, MB R4G 0A5
Phone: 204-888-7663
Toll-Free: 866-537-8443
Fax: 204-832-9463
Contact: Earl Kellner
Email: ekellner@timbrfab.com

Truss Fab Inc.
P.O Box 438,
Elie, MB R0H 0H0
Phone: 204-453-6535
Toll Free 877-300-3206
Fax: 204-353-4525
Contact: Harry Engel
Email: harry@trussfab.com

Truss T Manufacturing Ltd.
R.R. # 1, Box 3,
Regina SK S4P 2Z1
Phone: 306-545-6101
Fax: 306-543-2877
Contact:Jason Hubick
Email: truss.t@sasktel.net

Warman Truss Mfg.
Box 1000, South Railway St W.,
Warman SK SOK 4SO
Phone: 306-933-9911
Fax: 306-933-4433
Contact: Roy Bediant
Email: rbedient@warmantruss.com

ZyTech Building Systems (sask) Inc.
4-3210 Miller Avenue,
Saskatoon SK S7K 5Y2
Phone: 306-477-3232
Fax: 306-477-3233
Cell: 306-713-2977
Contact: Kevin Wiebe Branch Manager
Email: kevinw@zytechtruss.com